Hello! Welcome to my website. My name is Nicole Aimi and I currently reside in Houston, Texas, USA. I am a 22 year old artist who was born in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. I am half Filipina, half Brazilian & Irish.

I have always been drawn to art, whether it was creating my own or created by someone else. It's amazing that we can express ourselves through so many different mediums and have completely different outcomes. Art created based on experience, dreams, emotions, etc. is amazing and freeing, one way or another. In my opinion, art is the most beautiful outcome of human expression, other than love. Arts are one of the few things that can be understood or loved from any background, upbringing, culture, gender, etc. It helps us connect with one another, and that in itself is a marvelous opportunity.


My journey of being curious about what I am ingesting food-wise started around the age of 16/17 (2013/14). Oddly enough, it stemmed from the moment I watched a religious version of Noah’s ark. (so random) Seeing all of the animals and how important they were was the second I started to question why I eat them. From then on, it became extremely weird to me that eating meat had become normalized in our every day diets. I started to cut out meats starting with red meat, moving onto turkey, poultry altogether, eventually seafood as well. I was fully vegetarian by the year of 2016. By the end of 2017, I had done quite a bit of research on the vegan lifestyle and diet, becoming more intrigued with my health/wellness, and decided to go for it. It’s quite funny because I remember growing up saying “I don’t know how anyone could ever be vegetarian or vegan. I could never do that. I love cheese and I love meat!” Well, here I am.

I want to go ahead and say, I am not a perfect vegan. I am far from it, but I am working towards eventually becoming a “perfect” vegan I guess you would say. My best description of my diet would be mostly plant based. I eat meat and dairy rarely, but i’m more likely to slip up with dairy than meat. I’ve learned I can’t be extremely hard on myself, and I can’t expect myself to be perfect right off of the bat; I don’t expect anyone else to be perfect with their diet either. Anyone that I encourage to transition into a vegan diet, I emphasize TRANSITION. It’s not realistic or fair to go cold turkey without much time, energy, research, substitution, and habit forming. Eating is a habit, and it’s been developed over time. We have eaten meat and dairy our entire lives without thinking about it much, and therefore it can’t be expected for that to disappear overnight. I do participate in a mostly vegan lifestyle when it comes from fashion to being conscious of the brands and companies I support.

I am curiously obsessed with the health and wellbeing of human beings. I research everyday how to improve everything from mental health to physical and emotional health. I’ve found over years of doing this, all I want to do is share this huge part of me. I find myself spurting out random facts about nutrition or mental neurological health all the time, and I’ve come to be incredibly proud of it. Nothing is set in stone, I am completely open minded to being presented with information that will change my mind and beliefs about things. Things change as well as people and I am no different from that!



Ever since I could remember, I have loved to sing. In my greatest visions, I perform live all over the world, touching people with the music i've written since I was 8 years old. (although those songs from the older days are pretty comical) Every day I am working step by step towards this dream. I pray that God blesses me with the opportunities to live it out along with opportunities to inspire and help people all across the globe. My love for music extends farther than just singing and songwriting. I began learning guitar in the 6th grade and continue to learn to master it. (far from it currently, to be honest.) Piano is another joy of mine, and I am getting better every day. I aspire to continue to learn and master guitar and piano, as well as one day learn violin, bass, and other instruments. I have learned a bit of audio engineering through logic 9, and have started experimenting with producing on Ableton live. I plan to further my learning on producing, mastering, and engineering as a whole. I will never stop learning and mastering all forms of music.



Beginning with doodling in elementary, I've always felt the urge to design anything my hands could touch. That turned into drawing comics, people, animals, abstract designs, etc. I started really painting in middle school and it has continued ever since. I am self taught and get inspired by many different sources, but mostly self experience and emotion. Sometimes, painting is the only way I can feel better to get my mind off of worldly problems. There is something insanely serene with being able to zone into a piece and disconnect from the world. What is almost more enjoyable than creating my art is connecting with the people that enjoy it and interpret it in their own ways! It is still crazy to me that what I create can leave an impact on someone else's life. I have used acrylic ever since I could remember, but am recently getting into experimenting with oils. In the years 2017-2018 I taught a monthly wine painting class which was quite the experience.



Since a little girl I have always loved to photograph or video tape anything I found slightly interesting. Growing up, I took photos of beautiful things, from nature, to people. To be honest I didn't think I was very good at it, so I gave up. I didn't rediscover my love for photography until a very good friend and mentor suggested it in August of 2017. Since then, my interest and passion in photography has come back even stronger and with much more inspiration. I fell in love with photography again but especially for the reason of taking photos of beautiful people. It's so much fun to create with genuine people, it always feels like we're just hanging out. The fact that pure magic comes out of those moments as well as making people realize how beautiful they are from those photos… is priceless. Many people think that photographing people is easy, just point and shoot, make the model pose like this or that. What those people don't realize is that you need to make your model feel comfortable AND beautiful. They need to be able to see what you see. I can bring that to life, and make that reality. It is incredibly rewarding. Over the course of 2018 I discovered the realm of fashion and beauty editorials, and I have fallen in love! Currently, I am moving in that direction and heavily focusing on creative directing on top of photographing those curated ideas. I aspire to photograph editorial style for fashion magazines, but I know that my passion extends further than just that. I am excited to see where my photography takes me. I thought I loved being in front of the camera, but being behind the camera is equally, if not even more exciting.






Houston, TX





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Art/Photog: @nicolesbrain